Meet Adele

Adele Shaw is a senior in the Hotel School and is serving as the HEC 96 Food & Beverage Director. Adele discovered her love for hospitality while working at a local bakery in her hometown of Highland Ranch, Colorado. Adele's HEC journey began as a bartender for HEC 94. She then continued on to be a Beverage Assistant Director for HEC 95. 

Outside of HEC, Adele typically spends her time working in the Statler Hotel Front Office, as a member of the Hotel Leadership Development Program. Additionally, she is a Transfer Option Student Mentor and enjoys spending her free time on the Cornell Western Equestrian Team.

As the Food & Beverage Director, Adele is excited to lead the Food & Beverage teams through this unique and challenging year. She believes that these obstacles provide these teams with an opportunity to think outside of the box to create innovative food & beverage solutions. This year will shape the future of HEC and she hopes that the HEC 96 teams will create everlasting traditions.