Meet Jake

Jake Rallo is a Junior in The School of Hotel Administration born and raised in New Jersey. Jake found his passion for food and beverage from a very young age being involved in his family's restaurants. Over years of involvement, he has become passionate about food and beverage and believes that it is a catalyst of human connection.

This summer, Jake continued to develop his passion for the beverage industry by workIng with his sister to create a non-profit company, United Vines. United Vines aims to bring awareness to various social justice movements through a partnership with Oddero Winery. Every sip of United Vines taken acts as a catalyst to bring about change. The first wine released was a 2019 Langhe Rosato, GRL. GRL supported women's rights through donations to the ACLU and Donne in Rete. Jake is excited to continue to work on United Vines as he works on the summer 2021 release! 

On campus, Jake is involved in the Hotel Leadership Development program, working at The Statler Hotel and Anything Goes–Cornell's Original Musical Theater Group. Besides hospitality, Jake is passionate about singing and performing. Jake has been involved in HEC since his freshman year. During his freshman year, Jake acted on his passion for the beverage industry by joining the Beverage Team as a bartender. As a bartender, he enjoyed the opportunity to explore the beverage field and learn how to bartend. Jake joined HEC 95 as an
Assistant Beverage Director and is excited to lead a dynamic team as the Beverage Director for HEC 96.
Jake looks forward to breaking boundaries and finding new ways to connect to people this year. He hopes to incorporate worldly flavors into the beverage program for HEC 96 and is excited to bring HEC to your home.