Meet Michelle

Michelle Tang is a senior in the Hotel School from Houston, TX pursuing a minor in Information Science. Michelle's love for hospitality started when she began volunteering at a local history museum as a tour guide. As she dove further into hospitality through culinary arts in high school, she knew that hospitality was an industry she would love to be in. Previously, Michelle has interned for Aramark as a Business Operations Intern, and Kalibri Labs as a Sales and Marketing Intern. This past summer, Michelle made and sold desserts to her local community and donated the profits to various organizations. 

Michelle started her HEC journey with HEC 94 on the culinary team where she was the Friday Dinner Pastry Assistant Function Manager. Last year, during HEC 95, she was the Saturday Lunch Pastry Function Manager. For HEC 96, she is incredibly excited to bring her marketing experience to a new team and create engaging and innovative campaigns with her team and is looking forward to making it the "best ever"! 

Outside of HEC, Michelle is involved in Camp Kesem as a counselor and marketing coordinator, Cornell Business Review as a designer, and Phi Chi Theta business fraternity as a general member. In her free time, you can find her baking various desserts, trying various art projects, going on hikes/walks, and figuring out her new favorite snack (currently salt and vinegar chips).